Our comprehensive set of services to make your transition as smooth as possible.

1. One-to-One Career Counselling Session : You will have the opportunity to engage in a personalized career counselling session with Mr. Vijay. If necessary, he can also connect you with current professionals from your industry in the UK.

2. Complete Admission Process Support : We will guide you through the entire admission process, from shortlisting the best universities to assisting with the application process and navigating the sometimes complex Visa application.

3. Assistance with Accommodations and Education Loans : We'll help you find suitable accommodations and provide guidance on securing education loans if needed.

4. BMGC Scholarships : The BMGC is delighted to offer scholarships for deserving candidates! Pursue your educational aspirations with financial support from us.

5. Access to Our BMGC Community/Network in the UK : We will connect you with our BMGC community in the UK, ensuring you have a support network throughout your study abroad journey.

6. After Landing Support : We never leave you alone after you come to the UK as other agencies/consultancies do. Our community is there to attend to you if you require any sort of support including mental health well-being etc. and make sure you participate in any quick meets or events organized by BMGC for our Tamil students.

Condition : We help students to come to the UK through BMGC only if they're career-oriented and wish to help upcoming fellow students from Tamilnadu to encourage and motivate them.