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BM Global Careers and GyanDhan Collaboration:

We are thrilled to share the exciting news of our partnership with Gyandhan, a leading educational financing platform. At BM Global Careers, our mission is to provide comprehensive support to students pursuing their study abroad goals. Through this collaboration, we are further enhancing our services to make studying abroad more accessible and hassle-free.

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At BM Global Careers, we understand that studying abroad is a transformative experience, and our partnership with Gyandhan is designed to make that journey even more rewarding. Join us as we provide personalized guidance, university selection assistance, and streamlined financing options tailored to international students' needs.

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Education Loan for Abroad Studies: Explore Student Loans

Our 3-Step Process Enables Hassle-free and Quick Approval of Education Loans to Study Abroad

Online Pre-Approval

Once you complete our 2-minute application, we automatically match your profile against our partner lenders’ criteria and determine the best education loan option.

Lender Approval

GyanDhan contacts you to finalize the lender and give a customized document list. We then follow-up with the lender for a faster loan process, tackle the roadblocks, and negotiate on interest rates in the case of private loan lenders.

Loan Disbursal

Once your loan is approved, we help to coordinate the disbursal to the university as per the fee schedule. We also enable pre-visa disbursal if needed

What is the Maximum Loan Limit For Education Loans to Study Abroad ?

In secured education loans, students can apply for student loans of up to INR 1.5 cr. In foreign education loans without collateral, students can apply for study loans of up to INR 80 Lakhs. This loan amount limit can increase or decrease depending on the applicant’s and co-applicant’s profile, country, course, etc.

How to Apply for Abroad Education Loans?

The steps to apply for a loan for financing the studies abroad are:

Step 1 :   Check your loan eligibility online.

Step 2 :   Get expert loan counseling to compare the options available.

Step 3 :   Select a lender and apply online.

Step 4 :   Get the customized education loan document checklist.

Step 5 :   Submit the required education loan documents either online or get documents picked up from your home by our representative.

Step 6 :   Get the property & other legal evaluations done (in secured loans).

Step 7 :   Get the loan sanction letter after the education loan approval from the lender.

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